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This month Angel Winns of group 4 is being recognized for relentless volunteer hours she has put in over the past few months. 


On Oct. 24th, Angel was invited by Mother DeWanna Sharpe to participate in

(ECSWANDC) The Empowerment Congress Southwest Area Neighborhood

Development Council's Community Clean-up for the Western Avenue.

She was one of the youngest to put in hard man hours to picking up

litter, trash and debris from 120st Street to Century Blvd. 


On Nov. 7th, Angel joined forces with Fox Gives to set up the event area at Fox Studios for The Kids In Spotlight's 6th annual "Movies By Kids", awards ceremony. She assisted in assembling and packing over 1000 gift bags, red carpet area and event decorations. She enjoyed every minute of it.  Especially rubbing elbows with young Hollywood celebrities including Skai Jackson, Rico and Raini Rodriguez,

Mateus Ward and even Dr. Dre! 



















On Nov. 8th, Angel was excited about group four's Veterans Day activity. However

her condition limited her time outside at Polliwink Park. But that disappointment

didn't stop her for going above and beyond her call of duty.  Not only did she purchase

$35 worth of hygiene products (instead of the required $20), she also included

an extra $20 gift certificate to give to our guest Veteran.


On Nov. 21st , Angel really wanted to meet the MWIN Veterans in person to thank

them all for their service to our country.  So she spent two months worth of her

allowance to purchase 75 roses and present each Veteran with a rose at MWIN and

the AKA Sisters in Service Luncheon at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall.  She assisted

disabled Veterans with seating and also ran their raffle segments by selecting

the winning tickets for various prizes.  Congresswoman Diane Watson was in attendance

and commended Angel and her dedication to make our sister veterans happy on this glorious




Angel is guaranteed to continue her relationships with Kids In

The Spotlight and MWIN. She welcomes other children to join

her for future volunteer opportunities with the two

wonderful organzitions.  For more with ECSWANDC,

please reach out to Dewanna Sharpe who is on their board.


Excellent work Angel!

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