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Living History Museum Information

Laura Henry, the coordinator, will be at our January meeting scheduled for Jan. 20th to explain the event in details.  This is especially for our mothers who did not participate last year. She will be accompanied by Ms. Elizabeth Norwood (a coordinator) and they will give a short presentation and answer questions about the event.


There will also be a day set aside for our children to practice.  This day and time is TBD.





1.Kaden Foster                  1.Nefertti



2. Lauryn Williams             2. Mae Jamison



3. Jonahh Weathers          3. Jackie Robinson



4. Richard                          4. Imhotep



5. Kendra Fleming             5. Oprah Winfrey



6. Devine Manning            6. Coretta Scott King



7. James Clough              7. Dr. Ronald McNair



8. Elizabeth Cook             8. Angela Davis



9. Layla Crawford             9. (TBD)



10. Blake Crawford           10. Muhammad Ali 



11. Noah Francois             11. Booker T. Washington



12. Lane Jennings            12. Charles Henry Cooper



13. Danielle Arnold           13. First Lady, Michelle Obama



14.Brian Brown II             14. Charles Henry Turner




15. Naomi Weathers         15./16. Venus Williams and Arthur Ashe

 and 16.Ryder Weathers



17. Sydnee Boutelle          17. Maya Angelou





1. LeOniya Ferguson


2. Andrew Morehouse


3. Alexus Morehouse

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